Fast Growing Chinese Willow Screening 3ft cuttings


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3ft (90cm)  unrooted cuttings for screening, shade and shelter. Use the 3ft cuttings in situations where you don't want to put down large areas of groundcover to surpress weeds. Instead we recommend mulching around the base with any type of mulch or mulch mat. Our hybrid willow shrubs have been bred  to produce a hardy fast growing screen. Reaching a height of 6-12 foot in the first year, then slowing in subsequent years until the eventual height of around 6 metres. For shelterbelts and general screening it can be planted in a staggered double row, or for a denser screen a triple row or more is recommended.

  • Will grow in most conditions and soil types.
  • Can be grown on reclaimed or troublesome land, where other plants would struggle.
  • Good for screening polytunnels, sheds and industrial buildings.
  • Providing privacy.
  • Screening to create a barrier to catch dust and roadside pollution.
  • Provide shading for chickens and other livestock
  • Create fast growing windbreaks when establishing gardens, orchards, woodland

The hedges created can also provide a valuable source of fuel for your woodburner (see our information on Willow as Fuel )

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