Poplar Tricobel 1ft cuttings


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Populus Trichocarpa "Tricobel", also known as California Poplar, Black Cottonwood, and Western Balsam Poplar, is one ot the fastest growing trees that can be grown for fuel, as well as being useful for fast growing timber

Sold as 1ft cuttings.
Poplar is grown using the same planting method as willow, using 1ft setts (unrooted cuttings) planted through a woven ground cover or mulch mats.

Because Poplar easily achieves heights of 40ft in ten years it is also used for windbreaks and to lift gamebirds.
Tricobel has large attractive foliage.

Tricobel is the highest yielding rust resistant variety of poplar. Rust diseases have devastated some UK poplar plantations in recent years. Tricobel is listed by the Forestry Commission as tolerant to rust. Initial growth is 4-6ft per year. Height after 10 years 40-50ft

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