Q83 Screening 1ft cuttings


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1ft (30cm) Q83 hybrid unrooted cuttings for screening, shade and Shelter.

Q83 is a  hybrid willow bred  in Ireland from native and european varieties. It  produces  an excellent  hardy fast growing screen.
 Q83 reaches a height of up to 6 foot in the first year, although it is not the  fastest growing hybrid in the first year , it does make the best screen as it produces side branches low down.  Its eventual height of around 6 metres.
 For shelterbelts and general screening it can be planted in a staggered double row, or for a dense screen a triple row is recommended. Planting willow 50 cm apart in rows 60cm apart.
  • Providing privacy.
  • Screening to create a barrier to catch dust and as a sound barrier when planted in multiple rows.
  • Provide shading for chickens and other livestock
  • Create fast growing windbreaks when establishing gardens, orchards, woodland
The  willow screen can also provide a valuable source of fuel for your woodburner (see our information on Willow as Fuel )
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