Our Guarantee



At Mammoth Willow we produce premium willow cuttings. We hand select and cut willow for each order, so that it reaches our customer in prime condition.

We supply named  biomass varieties that have been tested for a minimum of 10 years prior to being sold .  Cuttings of a superior quality will have consistency,  good resistance to disease and will be fit for purpose. We grow our willow without a chemical spraying regime. 

Mammoth willow  provide customers with 100% guarantee that every cutting will grow and thrive, we can provide this guarantee because we know that our cuttings are fresh and haven’t been sitting, dehydrating for weeks or even months.  

  • We  guarantee you a 100% success rate ,when planting our willow cuttings and rods according the instructions provided with your willow and plant between late November and the 1st of April.
  • If your willow fails to grow we will send you a fresh stock of replacement  living willow free of charge.
  • We will provide you with expert advice, free of charge.
  • We don't cover failures due to animal damage, willow is an ideal forage for deer, rabbits and all domestic livestock so needs to be protected.
  • We don't cover failure due excessive competition from other plants and weeds. For example planting in mature woodland where the canopy of other trees overshadows the willow or planting in grassland without groundcover plastic 
  • We also recommend that you avoid sand and peat soils as this will inhibit growth.
  • This guarantee covers the first years growth. 


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