Out of Season Orders

Out of season orders

Willow is best planted between the end of November and the beginning of April, when the cuttings are dormant or just coming back to life.

Altough we will send out cuttings outside of this period if you ask we offer no guarantee that they will grow. Please confirm in your order details or by contacting us that you do want your willow out of season

Having said that so long as you follow the advice below you should still get success with most of your cuttings.

  1. Plant into bare, cultivated soil, keep it weed free. Grass, trees and other vegetation will compete directly with the willow for water, nutrients and sunlight, stunting or killing the young willow.
  2. Keep the soil moist throughout the summer. Willow needs water to thrive.
  3. Do not plant in shade. Willow needs sunlight to thrive.
  4. Protect from browsing animals, including rabbits, deer, horses and livestock.
  5. Do not plant in very sandy or peaty soils. they lack nutrients.

As previously stated you will be planting at your own risk when planting out of season

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